Healthy Eating Challenge – Day 4 - Recipe - 1

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Hello! Welcome to Day 4 of the Healthier Eating Challenge with Farm Food and the Parent Resource Portal. Here is Recipe #1. I was reading through one of my many cookbooks (I have a lot!) and came across this recipe for snacks on a stick in my Taste of Home Kid Approved Cookbook. It looked like a great idea to make the same old boring snacks more fun! Pictured here are three different skewers – a meat and cheese, a fruit and a veggie; but you can put whatever you want (or your kids will eat) on yours. Get your kids involved for even more fun!

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Wooden skewers or long toothpicks

For the veggie skewer:
Grape tomatoes
Cucumber, cubed
Baby carrots, steamed
Bell peppers, large chunks

For the fruit skewer:
Kiwis, peeled and chunked
Clementines, peeled and separated

For the meat and cheese skewer:
Mozzarella cheese, cubed
Turkey pepperettes, cubed
Grape tomatoes

Just thread alternating items onto the skewers - you could even use a bit of ranch dressing or low-fat yogurt for dipping. Enjoy!