Does Your Personal Chef Posses These Five Key Traits?

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Does Your Personal Chef Posses These Five Key Traits?

You may be busy with your work and family duties, or unable to cook because of health reasons or simply want some assistance in serving healthy meals to your family. Whatever the reason, hiring a personal chef can fit all your cooking needs.

Personal chefs allow you to enjoy freshly prepared meals tailored to your specific tastes as well as your lifestyle and health needs. They present you with a variety of menus to choose from, shop for the freshest and finest ingredients, then complete all the prep-work and cooking for you to enjoy a quality, homemade meal. They also ensure your kitchen is left clean and the only evidence of their presence is the delicious aromas left behind.

To help you hire the right professional for you and your family, I have compiled a list of the top five things to look for when hiring a personal chef.

  1. Flexibility in Menu.

I like to offer my clients a menu that is personalized to them. I feel that if I only provided a selected menu, some clients might look at it and think “Oh, I don't like that!” and go somewhere else. This way, they get a menu that is personalized to their food preferences and dietary requirements.

  1. An informative website.

When I am hiring a business, I like to look at their website. It confirms to me that they are a legitimate business, provide information about their products and services (including photos) and provide contact information.

  1. Credentials.

I would ask where they got their education and experience. This opens the door to more conversation, and you can get to know them better. As a Personal Chef, I go into people's homes, and I want people to feel comfortable with me. Moreover, a chef with credentials will be a pro at serving a variety of cuisine and serve it in the most appealing way that will make you pounce onto the food.

  1. Communication Skills.

A chef can’t serve you food without knowing your taste and preference. It is critical for a chef to communicate with his/her clients to be able to understand what it is that they need. Moreover, some clients may just want you to come in and cook, clean up and then leave, whereas some others may want to have a visit or observe some of the cooking processes.

  1. An open mind.

Even though I love cooking, I can be a pretty picky eater. I may not like certain dishes, but that doesn't mean that someone else won’t love them. As a Personal Chef, I want to be open to preparing whatever my clients want to eat. I may not like mushrooms, but I have been told that I make a scrumptious mushroom soup!

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