How Farm Food Personal Chef Service Helped A Client Prepare A Meal Plan

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How Farm Food Personal Chef Service Helped A Client Prepare A Meal Plan

As a personal chef, I prepare meals in your kitchen based on your food preferences and dietary needs. I try to make dining easy, so individuals, couples, and families can enjoy meals with minimal stress. At Farm Food Personal Chef Service, I plan the menu, do all of the grocery shopping, food preparation and clean up, leaving you to eat the delicious food and enjoy time with your family or friends.

I am more than happy to work with you to cook for parties and events as well. Since there is usually a lot of work that goes into organizing a party, I can reduce some of the cooking and cleaning burdens.

Sometimes I cook for people with specific needs and health issues. While making the meal is not difficult, finding the right ingredient substitutes and preparing the meal while keeping it as tasty as it initially was, can be a challenge. This often forces me to search harder for the ingredients that my clients are looking for, or if possible, change the initial dish altogether and prepare something else from scratch.

Keep reading to learn about how I helped a client working on a strict meal plan.


The Challenge: Finding a new recipe every day for a seven-day meal plan.

I once had a client who decided that she wanted to follow a ketogenic meal plan. For the ketogenic meal plan to be successful, the client needed to follow the plan strictly. As the client did not cook at all, she needed someone to prepare all of her meals. Usually, I would not have enough time during the day to complete this task of preparing different breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the whole seven-day week.

I needed to find recipes for meals the client really enjoyed enough to eat every other day for a week. I also needed to find recipes that followed the strict ketogenic meal plan so the client could be successful in meeting her goals.


The Solution: Reworking the rules with the client’s permission.

While the challenge seemed significant at first, I thought about solutions and was able to resolve this issue within a short span of time.

I met with the client in person and over the course of a discussion, a solution was finalized, and I drew up a meal plan.

During our discussions, we agreed that client should have a “Day 1” and a “Day 2” meal plan. The meals for these days would alternate between every other day through the week.

As the client lived alone and only needed single servings, I would prepare a full-sized meal and divide it into three or four servings. This way, I was able to prepare all of the client’s meals in a single cooking session. The client was happy with this arrangement, and I could devote more time to helping the client get the desired outcome form the ketogenic meal plan.


The Bottom Line.

As the best personal chef service in Cambridge ON, at Farm Food Personal Chef Service, I purchase ingredients, cook meals and clean up after it’s all done. I aim to make dining easy, so you can sit back and enjoy your meal. I come from a cooking background as I have cooked with my mother as a child for our bed and breakfast. I loved cooking and have been doing it professionally for more than four years now.

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